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A modular, configurable, wearable bio-potential signal measurement diagnostic system is developed. The system is wirelessly configurable for multiple numbers of channels from 1 to 256 channels according to their field of applications. EEG (Electroencephalography), ECG (Electrocardiography), EMG (Electromyography) can be measured with the system by(More)
In the design of fatigue sensitive components, attention is often focused on defining a representative load spectrum that can be used with the fatigue properties of the material to assess the relative merits of a particular design. In practice, these techniques often employ conservative assumptions on the loads and large safety factors on the fatigue(More)
Semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) have proved to be very useful elements for networks and communications systems. As well as amplifying signals, SOAs have been also used for a number of network optical processing functions, such as switching, demultiplexing, frequency shifting etc. Usually the light is guided in SOAs by fixed channel waveguides(More)
We observed the interactions between two coherent "dissipative" spatial solitons in a periodically patterned semiconductor optical amplifier (PPSOA). The interactions are non-local, phase dependent and exhibit unique features such as soliton birth and signal restoration.
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