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An automatic alarm device for traffic accidents is introduced in this paper. It can automatically find a traffic accident, search for the spot and then send the basic information to first aid center within two seconds covering geographical coordinates, the time and circumstances in which a traffic accident takes place. GPS software is fitted in the vehicle(More)
In face recognition task the Linear Discriminant Analysis method attempts to find projection directions that minimize within class scatter and maximize between class scatter. But since the dimension of the sample space is typically larger than the number of samples in the training set the within class scatter matrix is singular. Therefore, LDA method cannot(More)
Kernel discriminative common vector is one of the most effective non-linear techniques for feature extraction from high dimensional data including images and text data. This paper presents a new algorithm called "Improved Kernel Discriminative Common Vector" (IKDCV) to further improves the overall performance of KDCV by integrating the boosting parameters(More)
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