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A novel method was used to investigate developmental changes in face processing: attractiveness aftereffects. Consistent with the norm-based coding model, viewing consistently distorted faces shifts adults' attractiveness preferences toward the adapting stimuli. Thus, adults' attractiveness judgments are influenced by a continuously updated face prototype.(More)
An enhanced model for organic solar cells for dc-simulations is presented and discussed. It is based on an equivalent circuit with two diodes and an additional global shunt resistance. This new model is an extremely accurate universal model for different materials and types of solar cells. The model is not only implemented in different spice based(More)
We present the new e-Learning platform LIMA, a fully web-based training platform which deals with the three course topics “Virtual EMC Lab”, “Advanced RF Design Center” and “Mixed-signal Simulation Center, based on VHDL-AMS”. It is essential for state of the art design in information and communication technology to provide excellent teaching material in(More)
Der Einsatz organischer Halbleiter in integrierten Schaltungen (organische Mikroelektronik) wird vielfach als potentielle, kostengünstige Variante für ,,Wegwerfprodukte‘‘ des Massenmarktes angepriesen. Der vorliegende Beitrag gibt einen € Uberblick über Materialien für organische Mikroelektronik und über die Herstellung von organischen(More)
Basic and advanced care of trauma patients has always been an important aspect of prehospital and immediate in-hospital emergency medicine, involving a broad spectrum of disciplines, specialties and skills delivered through Emergency Medical Services Systems which, however, may differ significantly in structure, resources and operation. This complex(More)
In this paper, an enhanced model for organic transistors is presented. It is generally applicable to organic transistors using polymer semiconductors and small molecules, respectively. Furthermore, this enhanced model can be used for p-type, n-type and ambipolar organic transistors. It will be compared to two agent of organic transistor models. On the basis(More)
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