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CDC develops and delivers health messages for a variety of audiences, including the public, health care professionals, public health researchers and practitioners, and policy makers. News media outlets--because of their broad reach and potential to influence knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors--are major channels for disseminating messages to these(More)
The 2-furfural semicarbazone and thiosemicarbazone copper and cobalt complexes demonstrated potent cytotoxicity against the growth of suspended leukemias and lymphomas as well as human lung MB9812, colon SW480, ovary 1-A9 and HeLa-S3 uterine carcinoma. In L1210 lymphoid leukemia cell the complexes inhibited preferentially DNA synthesis over 60 min at 25 to(More)
A number of thiosemicarbazones have been tested previously and herein are included three bis(thiosemicarbazones) for comparison to the previous derivatives. In general the uncomplexed thiosemicarbazones were more potent in the cytotoxic screens than the bis(thiosemicarbazone) except in the murine L1210 and the human colon SW480 screens. Mode of action(More)
Complexes containing Ta, Fe, Co, Mo, or W metal centers that are bound to C2B4 or C2B3 small carborane ligands proved to be potent cytotoxic agents in murine and human tissue cultured cells, being more effective in suspended leukemia and lymphomas but surprisingly also effective against the growth of selected solid tumors. These complexes inhibited nucleic(More)
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