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Although engineered nucleases can efficiently cleave intracellular DNA at desired target sites, major concerns remain on potential 'off-target' cleavage that may occur throughout the genome. We developed an online tool: predicted report of genome-wide nuclease off-target sites (PROGNOS) that effectively identifies off-target sites. The initial(More)
Sound categorization is essential for auditory behaviors like acoustic communication, but its genesis within the auditory pathway is not well understood-especially for learned natural categories like vocalizations, which often share overlapping acoustic features that must be distinguished (e.g., speech). We use electrophysiological mapping and single-unit(More)
The objectives of this study were to better our understanding of the carcinogenesis of gestational trophoblastic tumours and to investigate the possible presence of mutational alteration of the p53 tumour-suppressor gene in these tumours. Amplification-based direct DNA sequencing was performed on 14 hydatidiform moles, six invasive moles, eight(More)
Understanding the fundamental principles governing embryogenesis is a key goal of developmental biology. Direct observation of embryogenesis via in vivo live imaging is vital to understanding embryogenesis; yet, tedious sample preparation makes it difficult to acquire large-scale imaging data that is often required to overcome experimental and biological(More)
Kinesin motor proteins transport intracellular cargoes throughout cells by hydrolyzing ATP and moving along microtubule tracks. Intramolecular autoinhibitory interactions have been shown for several kinesins in vitro; however, the physiological significance of autoinhibition remains poorly understood. Here, we identified four mutations in the stalk region(More)
Despite significant progress in recent years in characterizing the response properties of neurons in the auditory cortex , the exact role that auditory cortical activity plays in sound processing remains highly debated. One hypothesized function is to improve the detection, discrimination or categorization of sounds that are behaviorally salient. We explore(More)
In both academic and practically oriented literature as well as on the Internet, knowledge management is used much more frequently with respect to the business world, often in conjunction with "e-business" and "virtual organizations." It has been slow for higher education to adopt knowledge management. There is no doubt that higher education is both(More)
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