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Source monitoring refers to mental processes leading to attributions regarding the origin of information. We tested Johnson, Hashtroudi, and Lindsay's (1993) assumption that prior source-relevant knowledge is used in some source-monitoring tasks. In two experiments using different domains of schematic knowledge, two sources presented information that was(More)
In an event-related potentials (ERPs) study, we examined the comprehension of different types of Chinese (Mandarin) relative clauses (object vs. subject-extracted) to test the universality and language specificity of sentence comprehension processes. Because Chinese lacks morphosyntactic cues to sentence constituent relations, it allows a test of the(More)
An event-related potentials (ERPs) study examined word-to-text integration processes across sentence boundaries. In a two-sentence passage, the accessibility of a referent for the first content word of the second sentence (the target word) was varied by the wording of the first sentence in one of the following ways: lexically (explicitly using a form of the(More)
We examined the word-to-text integration processes of less skilled compre-henders using ERPs recorded during text reading. The first sentence of each text controlled the accessibility of an antecedent referent for a critical word, which was the first content word of the second sentence. In the explicit condition , the critical word had occurred in the first(More)
This paper reports a series of self-paced reading time experiments designed to probe how the reference of pronominal expressions is resolved on-line in (Mandarin) Chinese. It is assumed that pronoun resolution is achieved by narrowing the candidate set of potential antecedents for a pronoun. The experimental evidence reported here indicates that two(More)
A production conflict and error detection model has been developed to detect problems that occur in a collaborative environment. A case study was performed on three automobile company agencies (vehicle delivery center, shipping yard, and dealers) in a finished vehicle distribution/shipping environment. The vehicle shipping plan was investigated and possible(More)
This paper presents EIT-based fabric sensors that aim to provide a pressure mapping using the current carrying and voltage sensing electrodes attached to the boundary of the fabric patch. Pressure-induced shape change over the sensor area makes a change in the conductivity distribution which can be conveyed to the change of boundary current-voltage data.(More)
1. The ability of neuropeptide Y (NPY) to potentiate the contractile effect of ATP was examined using the perfused mesenteric arterial bed as a model of the vascular neuroeffector junction. 2. NPY (10(-9)-10(-7) M) and the NPY-Y1 selective agonist, Leu31Pro34 NPY (10(-9)-10(-7) M) both produced a concentration dependent potentiation of the ATP (1 and 3 mM)(More)
In this study, the recovery of strain-hardening rate (RSHR) was discovered for the first time in polycrystalline materials (Ni-Si alloys) that have only dislocation activities during tensile test. Detailed microstructure characterizations show that the activation of dislocations in the secondary slip systems during tensile deformation is the major reason(More)