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1 Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 4 Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China 5 6 2 Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research, 7 Changjiang Water Resources Commission, 8 430010, Wuhan, HuBei, People’s Republic of China 9 10 3 Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University,(More)
8 In this paper, the accuracy performance of monthly streamflow forecast was discussed when employing data-9 driven modeling techniques on the streamflow series. A Crisp Distributed Support Vectors Regression (CDSVR) 10 model was proposed for monthly streamflow prediction in comparison with four other models, Auto-Regressive 13 the Fuzzy-C-Means (FCM)(More)
The design and implementation of feed, speed, and torque controllers for drilling is discussed. Dynamic models of the feedrate drive and spindle motors were developed using experimental data and least squares estimation. These dynamic models were subsequently used to design closed loop feed and speed controllers, which allow for independent control of the(More)
Discrete time dynamic models relating the drilling process outputs of thrust force and torque to feed input are presented in this paper. Drilling to depths of greater than a few drill diameters with conventional twist drills, the torque and thrust force tend to increase due to difficulties with chip evacuation. This could lead to undesirable events such as(More)
A supervisory process control approach to machining is presented in this paper, and demonstrated by application to a drilling operation. Supervisory process control incorporates optimization and control functions in a hierarchical structure. This approach utilizes feedback measurements to parameterize the constraints of a process optimization problem whose(More)
An efficient, parallelized implementation of discrete particle/element model (DPM or DEM) coupled with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model has been developed. Two parallelization strategies are used to partly overcome the poor load balancing problem due to the heterogeneous particle distribution in space. Firstly at the coarse-grained level, the(More)
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