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  • C L Slade
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 1984
Subcutaneous mastectomy as performed at our institution from 1965 to 1979 was an operation with high morbidity. The risk of complication appears to have been decreased with a two-stage approach. Long-term results were disappointing, with a high incidence of capsular contracture. The incidence of capsular contracture appears to have been reduced by(More)
The addition of an inhalation injury to a cutaneous burn results in a significant increase in patient mortality rates, both from early pulmonary edema and, later, Gram-negative pneumonitis. Steroids have been shown to decrease mortality in an inhalation injury model. Aerosolization of gentamicin has been used successfully to treat severe bronchial(More)
Fragment E, a terminal plasmin digestion product of fibrinogen or fibrin, contains portions of the alpha, beta, and gamma chains linked by disulfide bonds. In this study, Fragment E from fibrinogen and fully cross-linked fibrin were purified by gel filtration of the soluble fraction from heated plasmin digests of either fibrinogen or fibrin or by step-wise(More)
In vitro platelet aggregation was studied in dogs following defibrination with Ancrod. There was marked inhibition of aggregation immediately after defibrination. A gradual return toward normal aggregation was observed over the 96 hours study period, but aggregation was still abnormal at 96 hours after defibrination. There was an inverse and highly(More)
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