C. L. Satish Babu

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In Asia and Africa the poor tend to live in marginal environments where droughts and floods are frequent. Global warming is expected to increase the frequency of these weather-induced perturbations of crop production. Drought tolerance (DT) has been one of the most difficult traits to improve in genetic crop improvement programs worldwide. Biotechnology(More)
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the most important food crop of the world; but drought stress is a serious limiting factor to rice production and yield stability in rainfed areas. In order to design an efficient breeding program for synthesis of new varieties with virtues of drought tolerance and high yielding ability, it is necessary to identify potential(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to asses & compare the load transfer characteristics of Ball/O-ring and Bar/Clip attachment systems in implant supported overdentures using analog and finite element analysis models. METHODOLOGY For the analog part of the study, castable bar was used for the bar and clip attachment and a metallic housing with(More)
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