C L Rollinson

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We have previously shown that quail embryos that develop in the absence of vitamin A have severe defects in their central nervous system. One defect is a completely missing posterior hindbrain. Here we have studied how this comes about by examining cell death using a wholemount technique. In these A- embryos we observe two narrow bands of ectopic apoptosis.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine collagen fibril diameter distributions in the chordae tendineae and to see whether there are any differences between right and left sides of the human heart. DESIGN Collagen fibril diameters and the percentage volume occupied by collagen fibrils (as opposed to ground substance) were determined by means of a planimeter with a(More)
Solubility rate determinations were conducted on electrolytic iron and hydrogen reduced iron and carbonyl iron samples to study the correlation of biological availability and solubility. There was excellent correlation for the hydrogen reduced iron and electrolytic iron samples,. The carbonyl iron samples showed a direct relationship between solubility and(More)
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