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The authors describe two patients with acute sensory ataxic neuropathy. Both had a profound loss of proprioception and generalized areflexia. High titers of monospecific anti-GD1b IgG antibody were detected in their sera during the acute phase. Sensory ataxia resolved within 2 weeks after the onset. Taken together with the induction of experimental sensory(More)
Patients with peripheral neuropathy have symptoms involving small-diameter nociceptive nerves and elevated thermal thresholds. Nociceptive nerves terminate in the epidermis of the skin and are readily demonstrated with the neuronal marker, protein gene product 9.5 (PGP 9.5). To investigate the pathological characteristics of elevated thermal thresholds, we(More)
We demonstrate an active laser heterodyne interferometer which can automatically compensate environmental disturbances and is capable of precision displacement measurement. Two Zeeman He-Ne lasers were employed. Laser II was used as the light source to stabilize the interferometer by using a piezomirror in a feedback loop. The hetereodyne signal of the two(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the significance of the combined treatment with ganciclovir and interferon for patients with hepatitis C (HCV) liver fibrosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively summarize 86 patients with hepatitis C treated in our hospital from October 2013 to October 2015. 49 cases, considered as control group, received combined treatment(More)
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