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1. The effects of replacement of external sodium ions with lithium have been studied at the excitatory neuromuscular junction of the crayfish. 2. Intracellularly recorded excitatory junctional potentials fall 45% in amplitude in the first 10 min after lithium substitution, and fail irreversibly in 48--120 min. 3. The quantal content of extracellularly(More)
After nursing, pups of the northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) are approximately 46% body fat and rely almost entirely on the oxidation of their large fat stores to sustain their metabolism for the ensuing 8-12 week postweaning fast, which is a natural component of their life history. Thus, fasting pups provide an ideal opportunity to examine(More)
1. The responses of the abdominal and pleural giant cells to warming and cooling were studied using constant-current and constant-voltage techniques. 2. The potential change upon warming from about 7 degrees C to 22 degrees C was reversed by application of maintained inward current. The reversal potential was -77 +/- 12 mV. 3. The membrane conductance(More)
Since the intracellular concentrations of Na+ and Ca2+ are relatively low and the cell's ability to actively expel or sequester these ions is limited, prolonged, high-frequency impulse activity at many crustacean axon terminals can result in significant increases in [Na+]i and [Ca2+]i. These changes parallel increases in transmitter output and may persist(More)
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