C. L. Moreira

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The hepatic response to cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and N6-monobutyryl-cAMP (N6-MB-cAMP) in the glucose and glycogen catabolism and hepatic glycogen levels were evaluated in Walker-256 tumor-bearing rats, on days 5 (WK5), 8 (WK8), and 11 (WK11) after the implantation of tumor. Rats without tumor fed ad libitum (fed control rats) or that received(More)
Dissemination of small size dispersed microgeneration connected to Low Voltage (LV) distribution systems is expected to become an effective mean to face the continuous demand growth in power needs. Under normal operation conditions, the LV distribution system is considered as interconnected with the upstream medium voltage network. However, if a severe(More)
—Under normal conditions, the MicroGrid operates interconnected with the upstream medium voltage network. However, scheduled or forced isolation can take place. In such conditions, the MicroGrid must have the ability to operate stably and autonomously, requiring the development of suitable control strategies in order to enable MicroGrid islanded operation.(More)
Tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) is a cytokine involved in many metabolic responses in both normal and pathological states. Considering that the effects of TNFα on hepatic gluconeogenesis are inconclusive, we investigated the influence of this cytokine in gluconeogenesis from various glucose precursors. TNFα (10 μg/kg) was intravenously injected in rats; 6 h(More)
This article details the results with intelligent and adaptive exercise ordering, considering the student dynamic modeling in Computer Programming domain. The methodology uses genetic graphs as a basis for the internal representation. Thus, overlaying aspects highlight the progress of the learner compared to the domain knowledge, and to the individual(More)
This paper describes a power conversion system that implements bidirectional power flow between the electric grid and a battery, based on a full bridge inverter associated with a dual active bridge. A method for power flow control based on the agreement between battery pack and low voltage grid requirements has been developed to allow the large penetration(More)
This paper presents an innovative Power System Restoration (PSR) that exploits the flexibility offered by large offshore wind parks, in particular with HVDC connection with Voltage Source converter (VSC) technology, to support restoration following a black out in a typical transmission grid. Restoration sequences comparing different strategies in a VHV AC(More)