C. L. Manganelli

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We present experimental results of thermally tunable double ring resonators with doped silicon and silicide heaters and different geometries. We study the effects of fabrication inaccuracies which affect the symmetry of the heating, and we show how spectra are recovered when asymmetry is electrically compensated.
We present the design procedure and experimental results of thermally tunable double ring resonators for integrated wavelength division multiplexing applications. A detailed analytical model specific for double rings is described, and a modified racetrack geometry using Bezier bends is used to reduce bending loss. We demonstrate devices with a(More)
We present a design study and experimental results of first and second-order filters as switch elements for integrated switch matrices. A double racetrack-based filter using Bezier bends is investigated, showing a spectral response within specifications and a free spectral range higher than 2.4THz.
The symmetry of the silicon crystal cell under elementary deformation is theoretically investigated. A model exploiting a linear approximation is derived for predicting the behaviour of second-order dielectric susceptibility, providing excellent agreement with experimental results.
We present an effective technique to characterize silicon waveguide geometry by using Mach-Zehnder interferometers. The technique can independently estimate SOI thickness and waveguide width from the analysis of two simple interferometers. The results agree with standard metrology using ellipsometry and SEM microscopy, and allows the characterization of(More)
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