C L Lotshaw

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The human major histocompatibility complex includes approximately 14 class II HLA genes within the HLA-D region, most of which exist in multiple allelic forms. One of these genes, the DQ3.2 beta gene, accounts for the well-documented association of HLA-DR4 with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and is the single allele most highly correlated with this(More)
The molecular basis for the hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (HPFH) phenotype was studied in a Chinese individual who was heterozygous for a nondeletion form of A gamma-HPFH. Both allelic A gamma-globin genes were isolated by molecular cloning and subjected to nucleotide sequence analysis. One A gamma gene promoter showed a cytosine to thymine(More)
Sequencing of the A gamma, G gamma and beta genes of a chromosome containing the A gamma Greek HPFH determinant revealed a mutation in position -117 of the promoter of the A gamma gene. The mutation is located in the distal member of the duplicated CCAAT box of the gamma gene. The finding suggests that the DNA region that includes the CCAAT box may play a(More)
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