C L Fitch

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A G protein beta subunit gene (Gbe) is expressed only in the eyes of adult D. melanogaster. This gene was identified by probing a Drosophila head cDNA expression library with monoclonal antibodies to a previously characterized Drosophila G protein beta subunit (Gbb). Immunoblot and Northern analyses demonstrate that Gbe protein and mRNA is not present in(More)
PURPOSE Photoexcitation of vertebrate retinal rod photoreceptors stimulates GTP binding to the transducin alpha subunit. Like other GTP-binding proteins, transducin restores itself to an inactive form by hydrolyzing its bound GTP. The role of GTP hydrolysis in phototransduction was investigated. METHODS A mutant form of cone transducin alpha deficient in(More)
Pertussis toxin inactivates certain G-proteins by introducing an ADP-ribose group near the carboxyl-terminus of the alpha-subunit. The major pertussis toxin substrate in Drosophila tissues is Go alpha. We introduced a pertussis toxin gene under control of the hsp70 heat-shock promoter into the Drosophila genome. When heat-shocked, transformed flies produce(More)
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