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We consider the motion of a thin filament of viscous fluid in a Hele-Shaw cell. The appropriate thin film analysis and use of Lagrangian variables leads to the Cauchy-Riemann system in a surprisingly direct way. We illustrate the inherent ill-posedness of these equations in various contexts.
  • C L Farmer
  • 2017
A mathematical model can be analysed to construct policies for action that are close to optimal for the model. If the model is accurate, such policies will be close to optimal when implemented in the real world. In this paper, the different aspects of an ideal workflow are reviewed: modelling, forecasting, evaluating forecasts, data assimilation and(More)
SUMMARY One is often faced with the problem of finding the optimal location and trajectory for an oil well. Increasingly this includes the additional complication of optimising the design of a multilateral well. We present a new approach based on the theory of expensive function optimisation. The key idea is to replace the underlying expensive function (ie.(More)
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