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African American college students tend to obtain lower grades than their White counterparts, even when they enter college with equivalent test scores. Past research suggests that negative stereotypes impugning Black students' intellectual abilities play a role in this underperformance. Awareness of these stereotypes can psychologically threaten African(More)
This report describes self-harming behavior in males in a juvenile incarceration center. Three groups of adolescents were examined: self-harmers, those referred for a psychiatric examination, and the incarcerated general population. Compared to the general population, the youth in the two mental health groups were younger, had greater family needs, had more(More)
Noncontingent escape (NCE) was used to reduce disruptive behavior in 3 children during regularly scheduled speech therapy sessions. Results showed rapid decreases in disruptive behavior and accompanying increases in compliance across children. Findings suggest that speech therapists with little expertise in behavior analysis can effectively implement NCE.
The World Ocean Database (WOD) is the most comprehensive global ocean profile-plankton database available internationally without restriction. All data are in one well-documented format and are available both on DVDs for a minimal charge and on-line without charge. The latest DVD version of the WOD is the World Ocean Database 2009 (WOD09). All data in the(More)
Clinically depressed and nondepressed African-American adolescent females aged 13-19 years (N=131) were interviewed and surveyed to determine the relationship between depression and HIV risk-related sexual behaviors. Narratives indicate that the psychopathology of depression may create situations where the target population could become exposed to HIV.(More)
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