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Laminar flow control (LFC) is one of the key enabling technologies for quiet and efficient supersonic aircraft. Recent work at Arizona State University has led to the development of a novel concept for passive LFC on crossflow dominated flow configurations. It employs distributed leading-edge roughness to limit the growth of naturally dominant instabilities(More)
Combining the classical fluid mechanics and the theory of electromagnetism, present study based on a computational study has successfully investigated the flow pattern of a magnetic fluid in an annular space under the influence of an axial magnetic field. A magnetic fluid is filled into the three-dimensional annular space subjected to a condition where the(More)
This paper investigates the volatility size effects for firm performance in the Taiwan tourism industry, especially the impacts arising from the tourism policy reform that allowed mainland Chinese tourists to travel to Taiwan. Four conditional univariate GARCH models are used to estimate the volatility in the stock indexes for large and small firms in(More)
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