C.-L. Chang

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After years of walking practice 8-10-year-old children with typical development (TD) and those with Down syndrome (DS) show uniquely different but efficient use of dynamic resources to walk overground and on a treadmill [Ulrich, B.D., Haehl, V., Buzzi, U., Kubo, M., & Holt, K.G. (2004). Modeling dynamic resource utilization in populations with unique(More)
Traditionally, using a long post can cause progressive removal of the root structure, complicate the ability to re-treat the tooth if necessary and make it difficult to apply an adhesive bonding agent into the root canal. It is unclear if a shorter post length can be applied when a light translucent glass fibre post and adhesive resin cement are used. The(More)
We describe a compact modulator based on a photonic crystal nanocavity whose resonance is electrically controlled through an integrated p-in junction. The sub-micron size of the nanocavity promises very low capacitance, high bandwidth, and efficient on-chip integration in optical interconnects. Highly efficient multi-channel drop filter in a two-dimensional(More)
In this letter, we show the ability, through introduction of a thin Si 1ϪxϪy Ge x C y layer, to eliminate the enhancement of enhanced boron diffusion in silicon due to an oxidizing surface or ion implant damage. This reduction of diffusion is accomplished through a low-temperature-grown thin epitaxial Si 1ϪxϪy Ge x C y layer which completely filters out(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a high resolution integrated spectrometer on silicon on insulator (SOI) substrate using a large-scale array of microdonut resonators. Through top-view imaging and processing, the measured spectral response of the spectrometer shows a linewidth of ~0.6 nm with an operating bandwidth of ~50 nm. This high resolution and bandwidth(More)
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