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Five female patients with idiopathic torsion dystonia (ITD) responded to treatment with tiapride, a selective D-2 dopamine antagonist. Previous treatments with various drugs, including anticholinergics, were ineffective. It is suggested that the previously reported genetic subgroups of ITD respond to different drug regimens. The autosomal dominant group(More)
A case of left subclavian steal syndrome with transient ischemic attacks of left carotid artery distribution is presented. An attempt to explain this uncommon symptomatology is based on a rare patent cervical arterial network, stealing blood from the left common carotid artery and supplying the distal portion of the obstructed left subclavian artery.
A case of probable herpetic viral encephalitis is presented. The clinical picture following the acute phase of disease was dominated by severe fluent aphasia, prominent oral tendencies, visual agnosia, and a decrease in fear reactions. Most of these symptoms, with the obvious exception of aphasia, are similar to those observed by Kluver and Bucy in rhesus(More)
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