C. López

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The increasing use of Geographic Information System applications has generated a strong interest in the assessment of data quality. As an example of quantitative raster data, we analyzed errors in Digital Terrain Models (DTM). Errors might be classified as systematic (strongly dependent on the production methodology) and random. The present work attempts to(More)
In this paper, an ongoing experimental project relating distance education and interactive digital TV is presented. In last years, a lot of expectations and problems have risen around both fields separately and, in this project, we explore synergies that will provide mutual advantages: a wider market for distance learning and a value-added application for(More)
The problem of minimizing the cost functional of an Optimal Control System through the use of constrained Variational Calculus is a generalization of the geodetic problem in Riemannian geometry. In the framework of a geometric formulation of Optimal Control, we define a metric structure associated to the Optimal Control System on the enlarged space of state(More)
Many species have experienced recent range expansions due to human-mediated processes, such as the unintentional transport on ships or plastic waste and ocean warming, which facilitates many tropical species to tolerate living beyond their normal limit of distribution, with a potential impact on autochthonous assemblages. In September 2008, three colonies(More)
Pasteurella multocida belongs to the normal flora of the respiratory and digestive tract of many animals. Animal exposure is a considerable risk factor for Pasteurella infection. P. multocida is the most common cause of local infection after an animal bite but is an unusual cause of meningitis. We present a case of bacterial meningitis by P. multocida in a(More)
The application of new technologies to the control and automation of irrigation processes is becoming very important, and the automatic generation and execution of irrigation schedules is receiving growing attention. In this paper, a prototype automatic irrigation controller for solid-set systems is presented. The device is composed by software and hardware(More)
The versatility of the XML language is one of its main strengths, and thus it is suitable for being used in a very wide range of applications that entail structuring, exchanging and processing the information. This versatility has favored its widespread acceptance, an important advantage for its introduction in the standardization processes. In this paper,(More)
The growth of interactive digital TV heralds a seamless convergence of media, telecommunications, and information technology, offering viewers increasingly exciting and interactive programming. The need of standardization in this field led DVB to head the regulator project, defining standards for digital video broadcasting and interactive services in all(More)
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