C. Kramer

E. Jakimiuk1
G. Gleixner1
M. Florczyk1
1E. Jakimiuk
1G. Gleixner
1M. Florczyk
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c-myc has a crucial function in growth control, differentiation, and apoptosis of vertebrate cells. Despite the important role of c-myc in mediating the biological effects, studies of c-myc gene expression and factors that control it in organisms other than mammals, such as fish, have been rare. In the current study, we asked whether c-myc mRNA of(More)
We show the potentiality of coupling together different compound-specific isotopic analyses in a laboratory experiment, where 13 C-depleted leaf litter was incubated on a 13 C-enriched soil. The aim of our study was to identify the soil compounds where the C derived from three different litter species is retained. Three 13 C-depleted leaf litter(More)
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