C. Krakowski

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The Komodo project concerns the handling of multiple real-time events by Java threads that are supported by a multithreaded Java microcontroller. The architecture of the processor core and resulting implications are considered. The use of thread-based event handling is introduced and explained in combination with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)(More)
We propose a multithreaded Java microcontroller--called Komodo microcontroller--with a new hardware event handling mechanism that allows handling of simultaneous overlapping events with hard real-time requirements. Real-time Java threads are used as interrupt service threads (ISTs) instead of interrupt service routines (ISRs). Our proposed Komodo(More)
This paper investigates real-time scheduling algorithms on upcoming multithreaded processors. As evaluation testbed we introduce a multithreaded processor kernel which is specifically designed as core processor of a microcontroller or system-on-a-chip. Handling of external realtime events is performed through multithreading. Real-time threads are used as(More)
We propose handling of external real time events through multithreading and describe the microarchitecture of our multithreaded Java microcon troller called Komodo microcontroller Real time Java threads are used as interrupt service threads ISTs instead of interrupt service routines ISRs Our proposed Komodo microcontroller supports multiple ISTs with zero(More)
To act and think, children and adults are continually required to ignore irrelevant visual information to focus on task-relevant items. As real-world visual information is organized into structures, we designed a feature visual search task containing 3-level hierarchical stimuli (i.e., local shapes that constituted intermediate shapes that formed the global(More)
The present study investigated how multiple levels of hierarchical stimuli (i.e., global, intermediate and local) are processed during a visual search task. Healthy adults participated in a visual search task in which a target was either present or not at one of the three levels of hierarchical stimuli (global geometrical form made by intermediate forms(More)
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