C. Knudsen

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In 1997 the Cle Elum Supplementation Research Facility was established to enhance spring Chinook salmon returning to the upper Yakima River, Washington State. This effort increased spring Chinook abundance, yet conditions at the hatchery also significantly elevated the occurrence of jacks and yearling precocious males. The potential genetic effect that a(More)
Catastrophe theory is employed to classify different types of nonlinear oscillators, basing on the complication of their potentials. By using Thom's catastrophe unfoldings as oscillator potentials , we have introduced more general models to describe the dynamics of nonlinear oscillators, differing from each other by the form of their potential wells and by(More)
Captive breeding has the potential to rebuild depressed populations. However, associated genetic changes may decrease restoration success and negatively affect the adaptive potential of the entire population. Thus, approaches that minimize genetic risks should be tested in a comparative framework over multiple generations. Genetic diversity in two(More)
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