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  • C. Kim
  • IEEE Trans. Image Processing
  • 2005
We propose a novel algorithm to partition an image with low depth-of-field (DOF) into focused object-of-interest (OOI) and defocused background. The proposed algorithm unfolds into three steps. In the first step, we transform the low-DOF image into an appropriate feature space, in which the spatial distribution of the high-frequency components is(More)
The differentiation of THP-1 monocytes into macrophages is mainly conducted at a phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) concentration of 10–400 ng/ml. However, this concentration might be high enough to upregulate the expressions of some genes in differentiated macrophages, which could overwhelm gene expression increases induced by other stimuli. The present(More)
A fast feature-based intra/inter coding mode selection scheme for the H.264/AVC video coding standard is proposed in this paper. First, three features are extracted from a macroblock to form a feature space. Then, the feature space is partitioned into three regions, i.e., risk-free, risk-tolerable, and risk-intolerable regions, where the risk is calculated(More)
B. Abbott, R. Abbott, R. Adhikari, J. Agresti, P. Ajith, B. Allen, R. Amin, S. B. Anderson, W. G. Anderson, M. Arain, M. Araya, H. Armandula, M. Ashley, S. Aston, P. Aufmuth, C. Aulbert, S. Babak, S. Ballmer, H. Bantilan, B. C. Barish, C. Barker, D. Barker, B. Barr, P. Barriga, M. A. Barton, K. Bayer, K. Belczynski, J. Betzwieser, P. T. Beyersdorf, B.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the safety of laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy (LADG) compared with open distal gastrectomy (ODG) in patients with clinical stage I gastric cancer in Korea. BACKGROUND There is still a lack of large-scale, multicenter randomized trials regarding the safety of LADG. METHODS A large-scale, phase 3, multicenter, prospective(More)
PURPOSE SIRT1 (silent mating-type information regulation 2 homologue 1) expression has been reported to predict poor survival in some cancers. We therefore investigated the expression levels of SIRT1 and its negative regulator, DBC1 (deleted in breast cancer 1), in gastric cancer patients. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We evaluated immunohistochemical expression of(More)