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The miniaturization limit of the reed switch with respect to the magnetic and mechanical properties is discussed assuming that the contact rating, the switching current and voltage, the carry current, and the breakdown voltage are 1 VA, 0.1 A, 24 V, 0.3 A, and 150 V, respectively. Assuming that the contact rating, the switching current and voltage, the(More)
The relationship between contact surface conditions and discharge phenomena of vacuum reed switches is studied. Switches are examined before and after surface deactivation treatment. Breakdown voltage is increased by the surface deactivation treatment. Work function is also found to be enhanced by the treatment. Rhodium oxide film is produced on the contact(More)
The Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS) was the first air lubrication system in the world to be applied to a newly built ship, and resulted in a substantial reduction in the ship’s resistance. Therefore, a performance estimation method using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) needs to be established as soon as possible to apply the MALS to general(More)
The reduction of underwater noise radiated from vessels and underwater vehicles prevents product problems and increases added value. One of the sources of underwater radiated noise is the propeller that produces the propulsion of a vessel or underwater vehicle. This article describes the method for analyzing the unsteady vortices that are generated around(More)
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