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In 1989, we published "A Study of Students' Motivation for Selecting a Nursing Program". Now, as the circumstances surrounding nursing education and the social situation are changing, we studied this matter again. The purpose of this survey is a) to find the motive for selecting a nursing program as well as this college, and b) to compare the results with(More)
In Japan, very hot moist compresses applied to the lumbar region have been used to promote intestinal movement and flatus or defecation. This skill was based on empirical knowledge. One of the purposes of this study is to make clear the effect of very hot compresses on intestinal movement. The other purpose is to prove the safety of the skin where very hot(More)
The concept of care/caring has been recognized as the central component of nursing in the United States of America since the 1980s. Although caring is the essence and the central focus of clinical nursing, the term has several meanings, and there is no consensus regarding its definition. The concept of care/caring should be examined not only from the(More)
The present study was designed to investigate nursing systems in other countries in comparison with the current system in Japan, and thereby assess how nursing personnel should be in order to improve the quality of nursing. The study focused on the actual situation of the nursing system and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or second-level nurses similar to(More)
In order to explore the possibility of new global activity in nursing/midwifery to be performed by the WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care at St. Luke's College of Nursing, the center sent two faculty members to attend the IEC Workshop on Adolescent Sexual Health held in November 1996 in Mexico. The two representatives(More)
This study analyzes a systems model for evaluation research of continuing education (CE) and reports on the result of a quasi-experimental study of a stoma care CE program. Holzemer's conceptual framework for evaluating CE consisting of the learner, setting, and program along with a systems model was used as an organizing framework. A quasi-experimental(More)
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