C. K. Yen

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The purpose of this study is to quantitatively estimate the shielding and susceptibility effects of commonly used metallic stents on MR signal. Two experiments were performed using a 3D gradient echo sequence with short TE to image a stent phantom: 1) short TR and high flip angle (contrast enhanced MRA parameters), and 2) long TR (TR >> T(1)) and low flip(More)
The paper presents a new silicon wafer bonding technique. The high-resolution bonding pad is defined through pho-tolithography process. Photosensitive materials with patternable characteristics are served as the adhesive intermediate bonding layer between the silicon wafers. Several types of photosensitive materials such as SU-8 (negative photoresist),(More)
Out-of-plane polyimide (PI) electromagnetic microactuators with different geometries are designed, fabricated and tested. Fabrication of the electromagnetic microactuators consists of 10 lm thick Ni/Fe (80/20) permalloy deposition on PI diaphragm by electroplating process, electroplating of copper planar coil with 10 lm thick, bulk micromachining, and(More)
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