C. K. Tang

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5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic acid (DMXAA), a potent type I interferon (IFN) inducer, was evaluated as a chemotherapeutic agent in mouse cancer models and proved to be well tolerated in human cancer clinical trials. Despite its multiple biological functions, DMXAA has not been fully characterized for the potential application as a vaccine adjuvant. In(More)
The development of live viral vaccines relies on empirically derived phenotypic criteria, especially small plaque sizes, to indicate attenuation. However, while some candidate vaccines successfully translated into licensed applications, others have failed safety trials, placing vaccine development on a hit-or-miss trajectory. We examined the determinants of(More)
— Studies have proposed that wireless local area networks (WLAN) can be applied in medical applications to enhance the quality of patient care, such as patient monitoring systems and hospital admission systems. However, there has been concern regarding the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on medical equipment from wireless communication devices,(More)
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