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Epithelial cells from normal pig esophagus survived in culture for about 4 months undergoing about 12 passages and nearly 40 doublings before showing signs of slow proliferation and senescence. Epithelial cells did not show any attachment and proliferation in serum free media, compared to cells supplemented with 10% serum, where the doubling time was(More)
Hand probing is the most common technique being applied in Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurement. It is a simple and easy method, but it produced instability on overall signal. Therefore, a new test fixture is designed to maximize its reproducibility. Repeatability test will be used to show its effectiveness on Power MOSFET. In addition, with the test(More)
This paper provides simple methods to characterize the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) signal for a Power Mosfet device. The interfaces under investigation were: die attach, die/wire and wire/lead. The study was also extended to investigate the influence of single, double and triple aluminum wire bonded Power Mosfet on the TDR signal.
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