C. K. Reddy

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BACKGROUND The phenomenon of population ageing is already a major social and health problem in the developed countries. The elderly have their problems of disease and disability due the increasing age and changing social circumstances and the need for social support forms an important aspect of geriatric healthcare. AIM To comparatively study the(More)
We describe simple one-dimensional models of passive (no energy input, no control), generally dissipative, vertical hopping and one-ball juggling. The central observation is that internal passive system motions can conspire to eliminate collisions in these systems. For hopping, two point masses are connected by a spring and the lower mass has inelastic(More)
Genital self mutilation is a rare and a severe form of self-injurious behavior usually described in psychotic disorders, with delusions and hallucinations. It has been ascribed to sexual conflicts, Body image distortions, Internalized aggression, and suicidal intent. This phenomenon has been described in schizophrenia, affective psychosis, alcohol(More)
BACKGROUND Non-compliance for the medication is an important area of concern in schizophrenia as it contributes to relapse and re-hospitalization of the patients. One of the ways to improve the drug compliance is to know crucial factors responsible for poor drug compliance and hence that proper strategies may be planned to improve patient's drug compliance.(More)
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