C. K. Luk

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This paper presents a multiparadigm language I + which is an integration of the three major programming paradigms: object-oriented, logic and functional. I + has an object-oriented framework in which the notions of classes, objects, methods, inheritance and message passing are supported. Methods may be specified as clauses or functions, thus the two(More)
Two subpopulations enriched in cells with a G1-like content of DNA were isolated from EMT6/Ro spheroids using centrifugal elutriation. The techniques of two-step acridine orange staining followed by flow cytometry, and continuous [3H]-thymidine labelling agreed qualitatively that one of these subpopulations predominantly consisted of proliferating G1 cells,(More)
Functional, object-oriented and logic programming are widely regarded as the three most dominant programming paradigms nowadays. For the past decade, many attempts have been made to integrate these three paradigms into a single language. This paper is a survey of some of this new breed of multiparadigm languages. First we give a succinct introduction to the(More)
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