C. K. Li

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Let F be a field and n ≥ 3. Suppose S 1 , S 2 ⊆ Mn(F) contain all rank-one idempotents. The structure of surjections φ : S 1 → S 2 satisfying ABA = 0 ⇐⇒ φ(A)φ(B)φ(A) = 0 is determined. Similar results are also obtained for (a) subsets of bounded operators acting on a complex or real Banach space X, (b) the space of Hermitian matrices acting on n-dimensional(More)
The problem of defining products of distributions on man-ifolds, particularly un the ones of lower dimension, has been a serious challenge since Gel'fand introduced special types of generalized functions, which are needed in quantum field. In this paper, we start with Pizetti's formula and an introduction on differential forms and distributions defined on(More)
Reconciliation protocol is used in quantum key distribution to reverse the error bits. Cascade is the most famous reconciliation protocol. It uses BINARY to correct errors and traces back into history records to find another error. In this paper, we implement the Cascade protocol and carry out some experiments for different BER, where BER is bit error rate(More)
In this paper, a digital halftoning method is proposed to diffuse error with a more symmetric error distribution by making use of the concept of delayed decision. It can improve the diffusion performance by effectively reducing the directional hysteresis. A corresponding dot-overlap compensation scheme is also proposed to eliminate the bias in the gray(More)