C. K. Li

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The use of the K-means algorithm and the K-nearest neighbor heuristic in estimating the radial basis function (RBF) parameters may produce sub-optimal performance when the input vectors contain correlated components. This paper proposes to overcome this problem by incorporating full covariance matrices into the RBF structure and to use the(More)
In this paper, a digital halftoning method is proposed to diffuse error with a more symmetric error distribution by making use of the concept of delayed decision. It can improve the diffusion performance by effectively reducing the directional hysteresis. A corresponding dot-overlap compensation scheme is also proposed to eliminate the bias in the gray(More)
Probabilistic decision-based neural networks (PDBNNs) were originally proposed by Lin, Kung and Lin for human face recognition. Although high recognition accuracy has been achieved, not many illustrations were given to highlight the characteristic of the decision boundaries. This paper aims at providing detailed illustrations to compare the decision(More)