C. K. Kumbharana

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Multimodal biometric authentication resolves no. of issues present in unimodal biometrics. There are number of ways for the fusion of different modalities in multimodal biometrics. Fusion could be either before matching the scores or after matching the score. The presented research paper deals with the comparative study of different techniques which(More)
Fingerprint identification and verification are one of the well established methods for implementing security aspects. This technique has become mature due to lots of research in this area. One more feature of artificial intelligence is clubbed with image processing for fingerprint that is artificial neural network. ANN is used at different levels in(More)
Ability of a computer to recognize handwritten character is a fascinating area of research due to the peculiarities involved in handwritten characters. Algorithm for Offline handwritten Character recognition differs as a result of diversities involved in writing with various language script. In a task of handwritten character recognition preprocessing and(More)
Handwritten recognition is an area of research where many researchers have presented their work and is still an area under research to achieve higher accuracy. In past collecting, storing and transmitting information in form of handwritten script was the most convenient way and is still prevailing as a convenient medium in the era of digital technology. As(More)
History of Face recognition is old enough to be mature. In 1960s, face recognition became semi-automated. In 1970s, face recognition took another step in automation. In 1988, first semi-automated facial recognition system was deployed. In 2001, automated face recognition captured attention of public at SuperBowl event to capture surveillance images. Now a(More)
Large amount of information is prevailing on paper and in an era of digital technology it requires it to store this information in electronic format. Using scanner this information can be digitized. Later any modification in terms of add, editing, removing and searching to it requires a technique or methodology which will identify text from image and(More)
Text pattern recognition is one of the oldest text processing activities in the world of computing. It is easy and the basic word operation to check whether two words are lexically equal or not. Many solutions may exist to determine whether words are equal or not. These solutions are the part of many programming languages in form of procedure or function.(More)
Character recognition is the process of converting an image or PDF file into editable and searchable text file. Feature Extraction is the heart of any character recognition system. In the proposed paper, structural and statistical features of isolated English capital characters and digits are presented. New features like end point existence is zone and zone(More)
Security is one of the most important aspects in today's computer environment. Especially, person authentication now a day is necessary to maintain security of computer based systems. Biometric authentication methods are becoming popular since last decade. Face recognition is one of the mature and popular biometric authentication methods. Today, with(More)