C. K. Hwang

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Offering IPTV to broadband access subscribers is a key challenge as well as a prospective revenue source for ISPs. Despite of its growing interest, no comprehensive study has presented the traffic details of real-world commercial IPTV services yet. We have measured commercial IPTV traffic via four different residential broadband access networks, namely(More)
IoT (Internet-of-Things) is meant to provide networked-life to the embedded monitoring devices. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) looks one step ahead, by facilitating intelligent communication among those devices, without or with the least human intervention. Therefore, M2M, by featuring smart monitoring devices, have started to play key role in different sectors,(More)
Telecommunication service providers (telcos) around the world are introducing IPTV service over residential broadband access networks, and competing against cable service providers and media corporations. IPTV is envisioned as a key player in the upcoming IP convergence networks and a new cash cow for telcos where they find a saturated market in terms of(More)
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