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OBJECTIVE It is believed that in order to reduce the number of adverse events, hospitals have to stimulate a more open culture and reflective attitude towards errors and patient safety. The objective is to examine similarities and differences in hospital patient safety culture in three countries: the Netherlands, the USA and Taiwan. DESIGN This is a(More)
As a result of the development of computer network technology, communication of information through personal computer is becoming more convenient. Meanwhile, it also gives hackers opportunities to attack the network. Therefore the communication security is now an important issue for multimedia communications. This paper proposed a hybrid encryption(More)
The two steps RTP program for 32nm NiPt silicide formation process has been evaluated to improve source-drain resistance (Rsd), resistance uniformity and device leakage reduction behavior. A lower RTP-1 process has been investigated over the Nickel rich silicide phase formation and physical defect reduction. A higher millisecond anneal (MSA) RTP-2 has been(More)
This paper proposes a novel pixel-chaotic-shuffle method for image encryption. Since the dynamic response of chaotic system is highly sensitive to the initial values of a system and to the variation of a parameter, chaotic trajectory is very unpredictable. Therefore we use the chaotic sequences generated by chaotic systems as encryption codes and then(More)
In this paper, it is first proposed that genetic algorithm and Taguchi method can be employed in the optimal design of DC-DC converter with RCD snubber. The purpose of this optimal design is to lower the spike voltage V<sub>dsp</sub> of power switch and hence reduce the cost in manufacturing circuit. It is of great educational value for students and(More)
The dynamic response of chaotic system is unpredictable and highly sensitive to the variation of initial values of a system. Therefore, the distinguished elements of variables applied to produce encryption codes for the color-image encryption can increase the communication security. This paper proposed a hybrid encryption technique for the color image based(More)
One chip solution for SMPS (switch mode power supply) has been drawing great attention of the designers with its green mode standby power and high efficiency in the AC-DC adaptor and LED lighting applications. The UHV (ultra-high voltage) foundry process, which enables the integration solution for green compliance SMPS, is proposed in this paper. The(More)
This paper describes the development of an auto-painting machine of dental burs using computer-integrated technology to complete the mechatronic work. Computer-aided techniques are employed in the design of the painting system, allowing clear presentation of ideas and modifications to be made easily. The proposed automatic design proves to be superior to(More)
In this paper the problem of using displacement influence lines to detect, locate and evaluate degree of damage in beam structures is investigated. The main problem in many researches due to a limited number of the measurement instruments is overcome in methods presented in papers [1-3] by using displacement influence lines. According to Stimac et al. [1,2](More)