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For seven years following head trauma, a 45-year-old restaurant owner had claimed that he was unable to work because of impaired memory. A specially designed forced-choice memory test yielded performance significantly below the chance level and thus indicated malingering. This case illustrates some means of increasing the utility of forced-choice(More)
Eighty right-handed adults (40 females, 40 males) performed a task that entailed detecting and localizing targets within series of dichotic digit names. Analysis of sensitivity scores for each ear revealed an overall right-ear advantage (REA). However, a significant Sex x Ear interaction showed that the degree of asymmetry was greater among females than(More)
The handwriting posture of 29 children with congenital right hemiparesis was classified according to standard criteria. All 29 children, who ranged in age from 4 to 14 years, were classified unambiguously as noninverted writers. The prevalence of noninverted writing in this sample differs significantly from that reported for the general population of(More)
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