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Phenols, a major group of antioxidant phytochemicals, have profound importance due to their biological and free radical scavenging activities. To identify their potential sources extracts of some fruits and their different parts were studied for total phenolic contents (TPC), antioxidant (AOA) and free radical scavenging activities (FRSA). The amount of TPC(More)
Standardization of allergens are achieved by in vitro and in vivo methods. Some of the allergens from Western countries are standardized using biological potency of the extracts but no attempt has been made till now to standardize any of the pollen extracts from India based on biological units. Therefore, we have attempted to standardize two important(More)
G Protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) constitute the largest family of cell surface receptors and drug targets. GPCR signalling and desensitization is critically regulated by β-arrestins (βarr). GPCR-βarr interaction is biphasic where the phosphorylated carboxyl terminus of GPCRs docks to the N-domain of βarr first and then seven transmembrane core of the(More)
G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are tightly regulated by multifunctional protein β-arrestins. Two isoforms of β-arrestin sharing more than 70% sequence identity and overall very similar 3D structures, β-arrestins 1 and 2, were originally expected to be functionally redundant. However, in recent years multiple lines of emerging evidence suggest they have(More)
Chagas disease affects about 5 million people across the world. The etiological agent, the intracellular parasite Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi), can be diagnosed using microscopy, serology or PCR based assays. However, each of these methods has their limitations regarding sensitivity and specificity, and thus to complement these existing diagnostic methods,(More)
The mission of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association includes increasing access to high-quality, evidence-based care that improves patient outcomes such as health-related quality of life and is consistent with the patients' values, preferences, and goals. Awareness of and access to palliative care interventions align with the American(More)
Geriatrics is a medical practice that addresses the complex needs of older patients and emphasizes maintaining functional independence even in the presence of chronic disease. Treatment of geriatric patients requires a different strategy and is very complex. Geriatric medicines aim to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in(More)
BACKGROUND Total immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an important indicator of allergic disorders. However, its role in allergic patients in India has not been evaluated in relation to atopic status for a reference range as compared with healthy subjects. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to establish serum IgE levels in a diseased group, study its relationship(More)