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Turbulent drag reduction induced by lambda-DNA is studied. The double-stranded DNA is found to be a good drag reducer when compared with the other normal linear polymers. However, this drag reducing power disappears when the DNA denatures to form two single-strand molecules. Mechanical degradation of DNA is also different from that of the normal(More)
Network connectivities ((-)k) of cortical neural cultures are studied by synchronized firing and determined from measured correlations between fluorescence intensities of firing neurons. The bursting frequency (f) during synchronized firing of the networks is found to be an increasing function of (-)k. With f taken to be proportional to (-)k, a simple(More)
WEBGOP is a programming architecture for collaborative Web services using graph-oriented programming. The motivation for the project comes from the realization that the integration of collaborative Web services lacks support. The aim of WEBGOP is to extend the Web from a client–server system to a structured multipoint system. A graph abstraction of the(More)
The paper describes a problem involving optimal effluent release in a rectangular diffuser unit. The total amount of effluent released is to be maximized while observing given concentration bounds at the release end of the unit. The effluent degrades while passing through the unit. A computational scheme using combined control parametrization and finite(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel digital watermarking to hide a trademark into a host-image such that an unintended observer will not be aware of the watermarking. By inserting the watermarking information into the random positioning location of a DCT image, the image capability against median filtering can be greatly improved. Experimental results(More)
We present a detailed analysis and theoretical growth models to account for recent experimental data on the growth of cortical neuronal networks in vitro [Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 088101 (2004)]. The experimentally observed synchronized firing frequency of a well-connected neuronal network is shown to be proportional to the mean network connectivity. The growth(More)
Statistical approach is often used in time series analysis. One of its uses is to predict the future trend of a time series. This can be applied in many applications such as solar radiation, economics and other researches related to time series. In this paper, we use several classic statistical models to fit the solar radiation time series. The goal is to(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Let {xn} be a bounded sequence in a CAT 0 space X. For x ∈ X, one sets r x, {xn} lim sup n→∞ d x, xn . 2.5 The asymptotic radius r {xn} of {xn} is given by r {xn} inf x∈X {r x, {xn} }, 2.6 the asymptotic radius rC {xn} of {xn}with respect to C ⊂ X is given by rC {xn} inf x∈C {r x, {xn} }, 2.7 the asymptotic center A {xn} of {xn} is(More)
In this paper, a stereo vision based pothole detection system is proposed. Using the disparity map generated from an efficient disparity calculation algorithm, potholes can be detected by their distance from the fitted quadratic road surface. The system produces the size, volume and position of the potholes which allows the pothole repair to be prioritised(More)