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To date, there appear to have been no detailed and clear descriptions of the nerve plexuses and their subdivisions in the intestine of cattle. In this study, the enteric nervous system in the jejunum and ileum of 12 1-y-old calves was examined using neurofilament protein and vasoactive intestinal peptide immunohistochemistry in wholemounts and paraffin(More)
The enteric nervous system in the small intestine of cattle during Schistosoma bovis infection was studied by histological stains and immunohistochemical methods. Lesions due to migration of schistosoma eggs were located mainly in the mucous and the submucous layer overlaying the submucous vascular arcades. Granulomas destroyed ganglia, neurons, nerves(More)
In order to elucidate the organization of the enteric nervous system in the mucous plexus, wholemounts from six intestinal regions in six pigs were studied by vasoactive intestinal peptide, substance P, nitric oxide synthase and neurofilament proteins immunohistochemistry. The mucous plexus of both large and small intestine contained ganglia and isolated(More)
Lungs from eight goats of mixed sexes and breeds (Cashmere, Nubian and Toggenburg) aged between 10 and 48 months were used in this study. Tissues from lung parenchyma were minced and routinely prepared for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) after using different methods of fixation. Thick sections were examined with a light microscope and samples, to(More)
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