C. Jullien

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We have compared the in vitro and in vivo behaviors of a set of isogenic E1- and E1/E4-defective adenoviruses expressing the lacZ gene of Escherichia coli from the Rous sarcoma virus long terminal repeat. Infection of tumor-derived established cell lines of human origin with the doubly defective adenoviruses resulted in (i) a lower replication of the viral(More)
The ability of bacterial spores and vegetative cells to adhere to inert surfaces was investigated by means of the number of adherent spores (Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis spores) and Escherichia coli cells and their resistance to cleaning or rinsing procedures (adhesion strength). Six materials (glass, stainless steel, polyethylene high density(More)
Prothymosin alpha is a widely distributed polypeptide whose function, though unknown, seems to be related to cell proliferation. In vitro, it is a substrate for casein kinase-2. In this work, extracts of mitogenically stimulated murine splenic lymphocytes labeled with [32P] orthophosphate were found to contain [32P]prothymosin alpha. Phosphorylation(More)
In this article we concentrate on a particular micromixer that exploits chaotic trajectories to achieve mixing. The micromixer we consider here is a cross-channel intersection, in which a main stream is perturbed by an oscillatory flow, driven by an external source. Depending on the amplitude and frequency of the oscillatory flow, one obtains wavy and(More)
The effect of repeated conditioning procedures (25 runs), consisting of soiling (milk and meat products) and cleaning steps, on the hygienic status, physico-chemical properties and surface chemical composition of stainless steel (SS) surfaces, was investigated. Five SSs differing in grade and finish were used. Both soiling and surface cleaning/conditioning(More)
Adenovirus DNA is rapidly lost in actively dividing cells. In addition, first-generation (E1-defective) vectors trigger a strong cytotoxicity that impairs the duration of transgene expression. To solve these issues, we have developed a chimeric vector system that uses E1/E4 doubly defective adenoviruses for efficient production of infectious retroviral(More)
A critical issue for E1-deleted adenoviral vectors manufactured from 293 cells is the emergence of replication-competent adenovirus (RCA). These contaminants arise through homologous recombination between identical sequences framing the E1 locus displayed by 293 cells, and the vector backbones. Modified recombinogenic sequences (syngen) were thus introduced(More)
Knowledge Acquisition is a critical and time-consuming phase during the development of knowledge based systems. The ACKnowledge project' aims at improving the efficiency of knowledge acquisition. For this purpose, the theoretical approach of the project consists in analyzing and evaluating applicability of existing knowledge acquisition techniques in(More)
Coupons of fourteen different stainless steels were investigated in terms of surface chemistry and ease of cleaning. Steel surfaces were exposed to Bacillus cereus spores in static saline solution for 2 h. Surfaces were rinsed and then covered with whole milk and allowed to dry. Surfaces were then cleaned in an experimental flow system that mimics an(More)
Reproduction partielle permise avec citation du document source, incluant la notice ©. Short sections may be quoted without explicit permission, if full credit, including © notice, is given to the source. CIRANO Le CIRANO est un organisme sans but lucratif constitué en vertu de la Loi des compagnies du Québec. Le financement de son infrastructure et de ses(More)