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We propose very simple randomized algorithms to compute sparse overlay networks for geometric random graphs modelling wireless communication networks. The algorithms generate in constant time a sparse overlay network that, with high probability, is connected and spans the whole network. Moreover, by making use of the "power of choice" paradigm, the maximum(More)
This paper describes and evaluates service-based power setting for the GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN). Service-based power setting is a simple radio resource management scheme that allows management of multiple services with controlled Quality of Service (QoS), which is crucial for 3 rd generation systems. Simulation results indicate that with proper(More)
ii Akademisk avhandling som med tillstånd av Mittuniversitetet i Sundsvall framläggs till offentlig granskning för avläggande av filosofie doktorsexamen, fredag, den 9 september, klockan 14.00, M102, Mittuniversitetet Sundsvall. Seminariet kommer att hållas på engelska. Mid Sweden University Doctoral Thesis 251 iii Acknowledgements The completion of this(More)
Pilot specifications definition guidelines for the implementation of a KEE solution in the aeronautical domain. Abstract Designing and implementing a Knowledge Management System (KMS) in a Virtual Enterprise is a labour intensive and risky task. Solution prototypes (Pilots) are usually built to verify system effectiveness prior to final implementation. The(More)
This article describes the development of an assessment tool based on the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) adapted to a psychiatric nursing context where both the patient and the nurse assess the patient's ability to participate in various spheres of life. The aim was to test psychometric properties, focusing on face(More)
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