C. Jeyalakshmi

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This paper presents the performance of the deaf speech recognition using Hidden markov model. Even persons those having perfect nasal and oral cavity cannot produce sounds if they are deaf, since they cannot hear anything. If deafness is found earlier, then using speech therapist they can be made to reproduce sounds at the maximum. Depending on the degree(More)
In this paper, we investigate the benefits of Optimized Link State Routing Protocol used for communication in underground mines. Due to network failures, node and link failures in the past few years an explosive growth in the use of wireless routing protocols for communication needs in the underground environment. Most studies indicate that it is impossible(More)
It is a challenge for many years that how to fix the no. of states and no. of mixtures when HMM models are used for speech recognition. In this paper we have analysed that for hearing impaired speech that is partially intelligible to people who are speaking to them frequently and it is not understandable by the unfamiliar listeners. They suffer in many(More)
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