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OBJECTIVE To compare expert assessment with bibliometric indicators as tools to assess the quality and importance of scientific research papers. METHODS AND MATERIALS Shortly after their publication in 2005, the quality and importance of a cohort of nearly 700 Wellcome Trust (WT) associated research papers were assessed by expert reviewers; each paper was(More)
OBJECTIVE The study aimed to establish the relationships between recalled paternal rearing behaviours, core beliefs and eating symptomatology and to test whether core beliefs play a mediating role between the father-daughter relationship and eating psychopathology. DESIGN Associations between eating psychopathology, core beliefs and recalled parental(More)
It has previously been shown that stress situations reveal an association between perfectionism and unhealthy eating attitudes in nonclinical females. The present study aimed to extend these findings by also measuring psychological and physiological reactions to induced stress. Forty-two female university students completed measures of state anxiety,(More)
In recent years there has been interest in risk of cognitive impairment and dementia in populations of African origin. Little is known about this risk in older African Caribbean residents in the UK. One difficulty is lack of consensus over an adequate cognitive test battery for this community. Forty-five African Caribbean and 45 age and gender matched white(More)
OBJECTIVE Core beliefs have been shown to mediate between eating psychopathology and dysfunctional parent-daughter interactions. However, the possible moderating role of core beliefs has been neglected. This study aimed to explore the hypothesis that core beliefs serve as moderator variables in the relationship between recalled parental rearing behaviours(More)
INTRODUCTION Alexithymia is characterized by a difficulty identifying and describing emotional states, as well as an externally oriented thinking style. This study investigated the prevalence of alexithymia in a British undergraduate sample and assesses its relationship to both parental bonding and dissociation. METHOD The Toronto alexithymia scale(More)