C. Jane Wallace

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The reflex responses to brisk, ramp stretch perturbations of the human flexor pollicis longus muscle (FPL) were recorded during isometric and slow concentric or eccentric contractions at similar levels of muscle excitation. The subjects flexed their thumb to push down against a thumb-rest, whose position was controlled by a servo-controlled motor. In(More)
There is strong evidence that the predominant pathway of the long-latency stretch reflex for flexor pollicis longus crosses the motor cortex. This reflex response is diminished during active thumb movements. We tested the hypothesis that this could be due to a decrease in the excitability of the transcortical component during movement. During isometric,(More)
This paper presents experience of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) within the nuclear generation domain, with a particular emphasis on Condition onitoring (CM). A prototype system, which used a MAS for the management of CM observations and the generation of a user interface, was developed however it was decided that this application lacked the required speed and(More)
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