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In a competitive environment, selecting and effectively pursuing the right information systems/technology (IST) investments can be key factor in sustaining corporate viability and prosperity. This study examines the criteria used by 80 organizations in allocating strategic IST resources. Senior executives were asked to indicate which of 15 criteria they use(More)
Concentrations of phenytoin or phenobarbitone have been measured serially using saliva samples in 75 very young children receiving one of these drugs for prevention of recurrent febrile convulsions. Saliva samples were easily obtained and the measured concentrations were a valuable guide to drug dosage during the treatment period. Mean (+/- SD) saliva(More)
Of 138 children who had a first febrile convulsion before their second birthday, 48 were treated with phenobarbitone, 47 with phenytoin, and 43 with a placebo for 12 months. Drug levels were monitored and adverse effects of the drugs were noted. Compared with placebo, phenobarbitone significantly reduced recurrences among children under 14 months old at the(More)
The main aim of this paper is to present a systemic framework of what the field of Information Systems (IS) is about; its connecting areas and its central theme. It was born out of a search for structure in providing a cohesive picture of the subject and field of IS for students and business managers. The average manager and executive has difficulty in(More)
Mothers of 56 children under 2 years old taking phenobarbitone and mothers of 55 children taking phenytoin recorded on questionnaires changes they had noted in the children's behaviour 3 and 9 weeks after starting the drug. Severe behavioural disturbance was noted by many, but the pattern and incidence was similar to that recorded by the mothers of 50(More)
Two-hundred successively delivered mothers were asked about their attitudes towards feeding their babies, the influences on them, and their personal and social backgrounds. Initially 39% intended to breast-feed, though in the first few weeks many gave up. Choosing to breast-feed, and success in doing so, were strongly associated with higher social class.(More)