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MOTIVATION PSORTb v.1.1 is the most precise bacterial localization prediction tool available. However, the program's predictive coverage and recall are low and the method is only applicable to Gram-negative bacteria. The goals of the present work are as follows: increase PSORTb's coverage while maintaining the existing precision level, expand it to include(More)
A 300-mm-aperture digital phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer has been developed in-house for precision metrology of optical components fabricated by the optical workshop at Telecommunications and Industrial Physics, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. We describe the procedures used in the calibration of the instrument. A(More)
The design of a tunable Fabry-Perot étalon-based filter that has a passband of 0.01 nm and a free spectral band larger than 50 nm when operated in the center of the visible spectrum is described. The filter consists of two Y-cut lithium niobate étalons having thicknesses in a vernier ratio. The polarization state of light passing through the tandem étalons(More)
The manufacture and testing of high-precision optical surfaces for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory is described. Through the use of carefully shaped polishing laps made of a nondeformable polymer material coated on a rigid base, surfaces 250 mm in diameter with radii of curvature between 7 and 15 km were polished to an accuracy of(More)
The power spectral density of surface-relief variations on polished optical surfaces across microscopic through to macroscopic spatial scales is calculated from measurements on substrates that are being produced for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). These spectra give a guide to the scattering properties of the surface, which(More)
A technique for high resolution Thomson scattering is discussed. By coupling a spectrograph to a streak camera with high sensitivity detectors, time and spectrally resolved scattered signals are obtained. Time resolutions down to 20 psec have been achieved, with the primary limitation on this figure coming from temporal dispersion in the spectrograph. The(More)
Density measurements with relative uncertainty of 1/spl times/10/sup -7/ have been made on a highly polished 1 kg single crystal silicon sphere. The molar mass, crystal quality and lattice parameter have been measured elsewhere, enabling a determination of the Avogadro constant to be made. The purpose is to obtain a definition of the kilogram in terms of a(More)
This study focuses on a lead free, high temperature ceramic capacitor material having the base composition of (Bi/sub 0.5/Na/sub 0.5/)TiO/sub 3/. The goal is to modify this structure to create a material that has X7R-like dielectric behavior, while maintaining its inherently good high temperature dielectric properties. This will alleviate some design(More)