C. J. S. deSilva

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Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are a relatively new approach to computing inspired by the design and operation of the human brain. This paper introduces ANNs and describes some of their applications in the area of medicine, including cancer prognosis, segmentation of magnetic resonance images, and automated analysis of electrocardiograms.
Routine axillary dissection is primarily used as a means of assessing prognosis to establish appropriate treatment plans for patients with primary breast carcinoma. However, axillary dissection offers no therapeutic benefit to node negative patients and patients may incur unnecessary morbidity, including mild to severe impairment of arm motion and(More)
Microarrays are a powerful tool for comparison and understanding of gene expression levels in healthy and diseased states. The method relies upon the assumption that signals from microarray features are a reflection of relative gene expression levels of the cell types under investigation. It has previously been reported that the classical fluorescent dyes(More)
The paper describes an investigation of the problem of identifying objects, in particular ships at sea, in infrared images obtained at a variety of angles and scales. The paper covers theoretical and experimental work relating to the choice of feature vectors to describe the images and the application of the this work to the development of a demonstration(More)
A multi-HMM speaker-independent isolated word recognition system is described. In this system , three vector quantization methods, the LBG algorithm, the EM algorithm, and a new MGC algorithm, are used for the classiication of the speech space. These quantizations of the speech space are then used to produce three HMMs for each word in the vocabulary. In(More)
Microarray technology is readily available to scientists interested in gene expression. Commensurate with this availability is the growing market in accessory products offering convenience but potentially variable performance. Here we evaluate seven commercial kits for probe labeling against a human apoptosis oligonucleotide array. All kits were found to(More)
OBJECTIVES Mesotheliomas occur in occult serous cavities after chronic exposure of mesothelial cells to asbestos fibres. Molecular events that contribute to the development of this cancer are therefore not readily accessible for study. We have used in vitro culture systems to study and compare induced and spontaneous transformation events in primary mouse(More)
It is extremely difficult to locate the contour of the prostate in B-scan ultrasound images automatically by computer because of low resolution and high noise levels. In this paper we present a semi-automatic prostate contour extration scheme, which is based on the wavelet transform and active contour models, or snakes. The ultrasound image is first(More)
In this paper, we present a syntactic approach to classifying moving objects in a domestic environment such as human beings and curtains blown by the wind and external events such as moving tree branches. We use quadratic forms as our simple pattern primitives and the description of the objects (or patterns) is based on the relationships between the forms.(More)