C. J. Richards

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BACKGROUND Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitors are used in a variety of malignancies. Infections have been reported with these drugs. We performed an up-to-date meta-analysis to further characterise the risk of infections in cancer patients treated with these agents. METHODS Pubmed and oncology conferences' proceedings were searched for(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Removal of distal cement at femoral implant revision is technically challenging and is associated with complications such as cortical perforations. A technique that can reduce the risks and operating time is to make a small cortical window in the distal femur for enhanced access. We wanted to determine whether the use of long,(More)
Due to increased production of ethanol, abundance of distillers grains (DG) is increasing. Steers (n = 176) were assigned to 1 of 5 treatment groups: steam-flaked corn (SFC), 10% dry DG (DDG), 10% wet DG (WDG), 20% WDG, or 30% WDG. The objectives were to determine the effects of feeding greater amounts of WDG, or DDG on meat quality. Steaks, 2.54 cm, were(More)
'Virtual Reality', or interactive 3-D graphics has been the subject of much hype with regard to its promise in the field of engineering. If virtual reality provides a uniquely effective means of conveying information about 3-D forms, as its proponents contend, then it should have found widespread acceptance in the field of technical documentation, which is(More)
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