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BaseVISor is a forward-chaining inference engine based on a Rete network optimized for the processing of RDF triples. A clause within the body and head of a rule either represents an RDF triple or invokes a procedural attachment (either built-in or user defined). This paper describes how BaseVISor has been outfitted to process RuleML and R-Entailment rules.(More)
SAWA is a situation awareness assistant being developed by Versatile Information Systems, Inc. During the process of its development, several lessons were learned about advantages and limitations of certain approaches, techniques, and technologies as they are applied to situation awareness. This paper begins with an overview of SAWA and then focuses on some(More)
This demonstration will show the practical application of a formal reasoning engine for both policy invocation and policy reconciliation. The primary features of this demonstration include the use of formal ontologies, context based policy reasoning, and support for both policy invocation and reconciliation. BaseVISor [C. Matheus et al., 2006], a forward(More)
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